Nanda’s work can be seen in the pages of Surfing World, in General Pants and One Teaspoon’s wares. So the clever folks at Rhythm commissioned him to complete a short clip for each trunk they’re releasing for this Summer (southern hemisphere). We fired some questions over to Nanda about the making of the clips, which you can read and watch below. And when you’re done reading you can buy all 5 of these trunks right here.

First of all, how many pairs of trunks did Rhythm give you for this? Will your whole family be wearing board shorts this Christmas?

None of my family wear shorts, we all have disproportionately short legs (except Rangi) and we’re pretty conscious about them so mostly we wear pinstripe trousers (cos they’re slimming) and shoe implants. Anyhow Rhythm never gave me any shorts to work with, the outros (suffixes) to the vids are painstakingly rendered 3D recreations of real board shorts. It took us ages to get the flop just right.


Were you briefed on the background of each short? Design etc. Or did you have free reign to create whatever you like?

Basically the guys at Rhythm have zero to do with the design process of the shorts I think, I heard they just fill in a questionnaire on the website of the factory in China that makes them, and for these trunks they ticked boxes like ” COOL ” and ” HIP ” and ” CHILL ” and “CHILL VIBES ” and ” RETRO PROG “. So I just put those same parameters in to the brief I sent to the Korean animation studio that did all these vids and that’s how the Surf Industry works folks. Now you know.

You used completely different approaches for each of these clips. Which mediums did you feel most comfortable working with? Were any new to you?

I would get too bored working in same style on 5 different animations, plus some of them were total cheats, I mean an 8 year old could have made them. And they probably did. In Korea.  Nah the Star Trunk one was so good, so easy, one night of shooting and it was done. Lucky I have friends with all the gear we needed. It was super satisfying that all the effects were done live, projecting on to the wall of my studio, it felt real good. The Black Trunk one was also surprisingly simple and easy once we’d assembled all the necessary shiz, Plus legend all time film maker Bali Strickland came down with his RED camera and really stepped up our game, it was way better then we expected. Basically everything except the Bangalow Trunk vid and kind of the Julian Trunk was new territory to me, but having my brother Rangi and my Friend Crabb who are both excellent thinkers really helped us take on the other experimental vids.


Did anything go completely fucking wrong while doing this?

Shit yeah man, so we got paid all the money up front, which was crazy cos like $400,000 is a lot for a broke artist under 30, so I got my whole family and we flew a decommissioned Concorde (is there any other kind, amirite?) up to Greenland cos my mum loves cows, but Greenland is like Iceland and they eat horses there, and there’s hardly any cows, so it was a total semi-literal bloodbath. My Mum was so off it she took the Concorde home and left me and my team there, so then it was like that movie What’s Eating Walter Mitty’s Grapes, and we bombed this hill on longboards through a volcano but then we ended up on @whyidontskateboard which I think we can all agree was a complete fucking disaster.

Was the ‘Black Trunk’ clip the byproduct of making of crotch-less latex underwear?

This seems like a loaded question. We actually used Ferro Fluid which is tiny nano-scopic magnetic particles suspended in oil and surfactant, which when exposed to a magnetic field such as that emanating from a neodymium rare earth magnet, align into said fields creating the spiky protrusions. The surface tension of the suspension fluid causes the spikes to form in regular patterns so no, it had nothing to do with latex, latex is completely different.


Did you take any psychedelics before making the Star Trunk clip?

Nope. Ate a Dominoes pizza tho, you can order them online and kind of take stuff off and add other stuff on. It’s pretty boss cos you can make any pizza vegetarian without getting all the evil looks and bad vibes that you get when you try do it at the counter. At the end of the night tho I did mention to my creative consultant Crabb, that I kind of felt high from watching all the trippy stuff on my wall. I mean it’s all a state of mind right and I think I had got to like a high state of mind simply by the visual input and stuff, except I didn’t have the crippling insecurity that usually comes with being high.  Buzzy.


Which clip was the most enjoyable to see through from beginning to end?

Well I would have said the Star Trunk clip because it was a totally new thing that we learnt as we were doing it and like I said I felt high and had zero bad times while making it, but I’ve watched the Julian clip in excess of 500 times and it still makes me feel tingly, so even tho it was a tough slog to produce, I think it’s paying me back good vibe dividends. But defs ya’ll should get in to the live liquid light shows like in the Star Trunk, look them up on youtube, they’re so good. Make your nana’s 80th something to remember!

What’s next for Nanda Ormond, that’s fun to say, Nanda Ormond. 

In about 3 days I make my triumphant return to my home country of NZ where I’m sure there’ll be some sort of reception at the airport followed by maybe a press release kind of thing since I’m a badass film maker/animator now. Plus I’ll take my girlfriend to my hometown of Whangamata to prove to everyone there once and for all that I’m not now nor was I ever gay. It’s gonna be pretty sweet to see the looks on their fat, middle aged faces as I parade her up and down the main drag, holding hands and skipping joyfully.


Original article via Monster Children.