19 March 2012

Elliot Marshall

There's something beautiful about the country, coastal towns of southern New South Wales....the locals are friendly, the coastline is beautiful and waves are raw.  Elliot ... Read More

7 November 2016


Jordan Spee is our Sunshine Coast based advocate who is at the forefront of the youthful rebirth of traditional and alternative surfing.  Exhuberating copious amounts of ... Read More

11 December 2015


Craftsman, Artist & Surfeur Carcavelos, Portugal " For me, it’s a ‘classic journey’ with my friend Diogo, just doing ... Read More

25 January 2017


Amongst the foothills of the Santa Ynez Mountains, sloping into the North Pacific Ocean, lies a quasi-commune of artists, musicians and freethinking creatives providing shelter ... Read More

5 January 2016


Photographer St. Ives, Cornwall Nick is no ordinary photographer. He is an artist. Not only does he capture moments ... Read More

3 November 2014

Julian Martin

Read More

9 August 2016


Felix Gänsicke ( / More

19 February 2013

Crille Rask

Swedish born yet nomadic at heart. Crille was brought up in both Portugal and Sweden providing a unique fusion of IKEA style perfectionism and laid back ... Read More

4 June 2013

Eurico Romaguera

Living in Figueira Da Foz, Portugal, Eurico is one who can easily let his surfing talk on his behalf — with a style smoother than MJ himself. Read More

30 January 2017


We're stoked to announce the addition of Californian shredder, musician and all-round good human, Hudson Ritchie to the Rhythm family.

Hudson is ... Read More

20 May 2014

Mark Mcinnis

Mark McInnis was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest and as a result has an unparalleled affinity for cold water. Between can collecting and panhandling ... Read More

7 November 2016


Introducing our sugar-buzzed, blonde-haired, sun-drenched larakin grom who can weave a longboard better than most his age…Mr Kai Annetts.  The embodiment of Australia's cheeky youth ... Read More

19 February 2013

Neal Purchase Jnr

"HUUUUUUUUU WHEEEEE" followed by friendliest of bear hugs is how we've come to be greeted by the man, Mr Neal Purchase Jnr.  One of the happiest ... Read More

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