Swedish born yet nomadic at heart. Crille was brought up in both Portugal and Sweden providing a unique fusion of IKEA style perfectionism and laid back yet hardworking fisherman-like attributes. Life in a combination of the north and south has found Crille settled in the middle - Hossegor, France.

Calls for his ambassadorship allow Crille to travel to surf and snow events around Europe hosting and contributing to Rhythm’s arty soirées. Whether it be by expressing his musical and artistic talents, Surfing, Snowboarding or Skateboarding his purpose is always to share his creative spirit.

Crille brings a new school approach to the conservative board sports industry, with his out of the box way of thinking and compelling concepts. It’s not just that he looks good in photos with his distinct tatts and artistic style he is simply, without trying, as he appears. A talented, dynamic individual living and breathing the innovation/diversity of Rhythm.