Hmmmm... What to say about Luke. He hails from a family that is totally off kilter, DEEPLY rooted in the music and fashion industry and instilled attributes in him that are extremely lacking now a days. Raised on The Rolling Stones and Fleetwood Mac records instead of TV, and it shows. One of those few humans that seems to be everywhere with everyone and is incoherently good at basically everything. A gypsy by the age of thirteen and hasn't stopped. Prefers the company of musicians and city dwellers rather than surfers. Luke took his own path growing up in the surfing spotlight. Where as most of his generation were salivating for contest results, he was more than likely out searching for something more.... a fresh and new perspective on things. Though, he did collect tons of titles, they were never a focus.

Well read, compassionate, stylish and extremely well versed in music and all things fashion, he embodies the Ambassador role. His experiences and losses in life have added to his intricate view on the world that is well beyond his age.

Whether it's surfing, music, trends, conversation, working on opening Seaweed and Gravel (a brand with a store soon opening that specializes in vintage motorcycles, stylish clothing, eclectic surfboards and vintage furniture) with David Patri or playing host at some of the largest events around the world, he simply seems at home.

When he's out gliding in the ocean, you can see his eclectic personality come to life. Barrels, power, flow, airs... his approach is refreshing and he has the ability to blend into all conditions. But, in meeting him, you would never even knew he surfed bc he is more than likely more interested in the other person and where their path in life has led them. The best aspect of it all, he doesn't try to be this person.... He just is.