"HUUUUUUUUU WHEEEEE" followed by friendliest of bear hugs is how we've come to be greeted by the man, Mr Neal Purchase Jnr.  One of the happiest souls to walk the planet.  This legend gave our brand a name and set it in its tracks of alternative surfing with a healthy serving of music.  Still regarded as one of the best backhand tube riders to ever surf Kirra, Neal made a big name for himself as an exciting and stylish pro-surfer throughout the 90's.  Coming from a pedigree of hand-crafting royalty, Neal Purchase Snr, Purcho turned his pursuits to alternative surfboard design and has since etched his name at the forefront of creative surfboard crafting.  A family man at heart, Neal and his family of 4 beautiful ladies reside in the quieter coastal towns of northern NSW.  Gifted creatively, Neal is also an accomplished graphic designer having worked for many brands in the industry, as well as fronting the band The Brown Byrds.  If you ever get the chance to check them out, grab a cold Coopers Green and enjoy the show!


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