Kane Lehanneur

Based out of Sydney, Australia, Kane Lehanneur has, rather abruptly, introduced his creative artistry to the audience at large, being recognised by the likes of The Design Files, Monster Children and more. A multi-disciplinary by nature, it’s pretty apparent creative expression is the forethought in everything Kane does, and the medium tends to come secondary. Videography, photography, design, painting, the list goes on — the jack of all trades and self-proclaimed master of none. Having worked closely with Kane over the years and featuring in our earliest of Classics Stories, it only made sense to collaborate again for April 2023. We deliver Kane’s creative expression through progressive coastal wardrobes that are carefully curated for the Rhythm individual.

Pretty wild to think only weeks after we caught up at the local pub up north the entire place was underwater through the most destructive floods we’ve seen. Bushfires, pandemics, floods, it’s been a jading few years to say the least — how have things been in your world?

Pretty wild to think just a week after sending me this interview and the Bundjalung country was already going underwater again… its been a crazy few years and doesn’t look like we are quiet at the end of it yet. I just feel very blessed to be able to be practising my art full time, support from people the last 2 years has been mind blowing. It also creates a climate to really push and create art with meaning, with commentary on these issues that have been going on nationally and internationally, & to comment on the way we are reacting to these wild events.

I’ve always enjoyed your multi-disciplinary approach to creativity, do you find shifting between mediums allows everything to continue being fresh and exciting?

The short answer is yes. Practising in so many different mediums allows me to keep my creative momentum pretty stable, without dropping in and out of creative bursts too much. It’s nice to jump from the computer to more hands on practise, then out in the field too. Its nice that each medium has found ways to bounce off each other and usually as I bring new ideas into one medium it will bleed into some of other practises too. In saying that it, does keep me very busy and I continuously have to check myself to not burn out.


Your art making has really been seen to gain momentum over the previous few years both in your technique and the public response, how’re you enjoying that whole process?

I’ve really become one with my practises in the last 3-4 years. Understanding how I work and what I’m trying to convey in my works conceptually has allowed me to put a lot of trust into the things I’m putting out. This in turn lets me run wild with techniques and ideas understanding which medium is the right one to approach what I’m trying to convey. Then the public response to this has been a huge bonus, pretty overwhelmed with it sometimes to be honest, love and support with my art has been growing and its been a great journey thus far.

Any plans for upcoming exhibitions or projects you’d like to give a little plug?

Yeah I Have a few things coming up this year. I will be having a show at ‘Yeah Nice Gallery’ up in Byron mid year, then I have some more stuff coming out with ‘Sunday Salon’ just after that, which then will be followed by a show at ‘Rainbow studios’ in paddington later in the year.

Lastly, any words of wisdom for aspiring creatives wishing to step into a world such as yours?

Find meaning and reasons why you feel these urges to create… be true to yourself, Don’t follow the crowd or worry about peoples opinions, art is subjective you’ll never please everyone, so start by pleasing yourself. If an idea, practise or concept means something to you follow it. Put everything you have into it.