Support Your Local

Amidst this global uncertainty, Rhythm would like to throw our support behind our loyal brick and mortar retailers who have endlessly supported us over the past 17 years. We love what we do at Rhythm and we wouldn’t be here today without these stores so we’re excited to provide a voucher equal to 40% of every dollar spent on our online store for the month of April to be used directly with your local stockist when they reopen. Read below to see how it works.

1. Shop online at
Make any purchase online and we’ll provide a voucher equal to 40% of every dollar spent to all Australia and USA customers.

2. Receive your gift voucher and local stockist
Within 7 days of placing any order you’ll receive via email, a gift voucher directing you to your local stockist with a value of 40% of your total spend at our online store. This voucher will only be redeemable at your local Rhythm dealer for use on any full price Rhythm product with Rhythm footing the bill.

3. We’ll let you know when they reopen
We will also contact you via email to advise when your local store is open again so you can get back outside into the real world and shop off the shelves of your local Rhythm retailer to show them the love they deserve.

Thank You For Your Support

All voucher records will be unique and audited to ensure everything runs smoothly. We ask our Rhythm community to understand the challenges that retailers are facing and genuinely hope this gesture will incentivise you to show some much needed support to your favourite local retailer. We will continue our initiative for the full month of April so we can maximise the support to our retailers, and from the bottom of our hearts thank you for your support of our brand and the wider surf community. We are all here because we love what we do, and from the whole team at Rhythm, we look forward to being able to get back to more normal times and living our lives to the fullest.