By The Coastline With Ash Eliza Davis


We caught up with creative, Sunshine Coast local and friend of the brand Ash on all things coastal living. One look at her Instagram, and you'll find yourself daydreaming of idyllic coastal moments similar to the ones shared through Ash's lens. Discover how she makes time for the slowness, even in the chaos of it all.

Tell us a bit about yourself, where did you grow up?
I’m just a coastal girl trying to manifest my best, everyday dream life. Born along the Mornington Peninsular, Victoria, my family and I moved to the beautiful Sunshine Coast when I was young and I could never dream of living elsewhere. I am a content creator, freelance writer and social media manager, and an all-round creative.


What is your youngest memory of being by the beach?
My youngest memory being by the beach would be on the Peninsular in Victoria. Very different to the coastline in Queensland, but sitting outside our little bright coloured beach hut with fish and chips is so vivid in my memory.



How important is it to make time for the things you love during the week? No matter how busy things get.

Creating your work life balance is challenging. I believe if something is important to you, you can always make time for it. I work a standard eight-hour day in my Monday – Friday finance job, and then I have my three side-businesses I work on in after hours. I love my morning swims and coffee at Cotton Tree, and afternoon Pilates. It’s my non-negotiable promise to myself to fit these into my week.

What does a typical weekend look like for you here on the Sunshine Coast?

A typical week is a very fast, jam-packed week. Monday – Friday I am in the office, but every morning before office hours I am creating content at home, managing and scheduling my client’s social media accounts. After hours, I am either out and about shooting content, heading to Pilates, or working on my vintage clothing line. Weekends are always busy, with shoots early in the morning, squeezing in some beach time before editing content and catching up with friends. I also love to cook! So I try and make time for that too.


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What is it about living on the Sunshine Coast that you love most?
The easy-going, typical laid-back nature of the locals. Everyone is a familiar face, and everyone is family. There is such a calming presence on the Sunshine Coast, it is very grounding and real.

You’ve spent some time in Sri Lanka, tell us, what is your favourite part about visiting this South Asian country?
Sri Lanka was an absolute dream! My youngest sister has been living there for two years now, and I would have to say my favourite part was having her show me around her new home. The tropical, jungle vibes meet the ocean were just beautiful, the landscape is breathtaking, and the locals are the most humble, welcoming people I have met. Can’t wait to go back very VERY soon…


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Most people dream about visiting our iconic coastlines, but where do you dream of travelling to?
My travel bucket list is always growing, but something that has always been on my list is Cape Town, South Africa. I would love to do a trip to South Africa’s coastline and include a safari on the venture too. I also am dreaming of Morocco this morning.

What are you biggest passions in life?
My passions are always based around living a very creative life. I think as long as I am creating, trying new things, and living along the coast, then I will always be happy.


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