Classics Story #014 - Jim & Lily

Meet Jim and Lily, proud owners of Hashima Surfhouse and masters of sound, forever producing goods as The Marigold Express. In fact, these guys are the combined sound that backs most of our campaign clips. We invite you to explore our Classics Collection, worn as they’re intended - effortlessly so by two of our favourite Sunshine Coast locals. Situated in a homely pocket between the quiet beach town of Mudjimba and the next big thing, Pomona.


Hey Jim, hey Lil! Seems like we can hardly keep up with you two, between the shop and the studio — what’s keeping you guys most occupied at the moment?

Haha yeah. We seem to like to keep ourselves going! At the moment I’ve been pretty tied up with the shop, it’s been busy, which is great, I love it. Lily, myself and our buddy Chucho have been writing and recording an EP which were super psyched on. We’ve also been planning an event in the shop space that just sold out which is super cool. - Jim

What’s been happening up your neck of the woods? We hear Pomona, the location of your store, is the next big thing. Care to give us the inside scoop?

We live on the coast in Mudjimba which is 35-40 minutes from Pomona. I guess being a barber in the town, you get to know everyone and what’s going on in the community pretty well. Pomona is rad, it’s the new Bangalow. Some may dispute it, some may fight it, but it’s slowly happening. The Coast, especially Noosa is blowing out, so younger crew, people with less money or those seeking bit more peace are making their way out this way. Pomona has arguably one of the best mountains for climbing on the sunny coast and the town is known for it. There’s and epic Gin distillery here, a bunch of nice cafes, a classic pub, local market, Japanese restaurant, silent theatre and a new tattoo studio just opened too. And to add to what’s happening Lily and I are hosting a music event in the shop in September which were super excited about. - Jim



How would you describe a typical day in the life of Jim and Lil?

More than likely I’m up early, Jim's a-bit slow some days haha. Mornings generally consist of a surf or exercise, some yoga, taking the dogs for a walk and our veggie patch will get some love too. I’ll play some piano and sing some mornings, Jim will more often play music at night. Post mornings Jim spends most of the week days up at the shop. Between Hashima and music I work in the environmental industry helping to look after the land. Weekends were either up the beach at Double Island, Noosa or the open beach, out bush with the dogs and/or spending time with our friends. Playing, writing or recording music will weave its way throughout depending on what day it is. - Lily

Any big plans for the summer?

Big plans for summer… hmmm… I think summer we might save for less plans haha. We’ve had a big couple of years with covid happening then buying a house then starting a business, study, shop opening party, EP recording, music events. I think were just gonna chill, were about to book a trip to West Java to put the feet up in January and take a moment to relax and get some waves. I dare say we’ll play some shows with the new music. - Jim