Jack Freestone Surf Tested
8 Pairs Of Our Trunks



We were searching for an unlikely collaboration for our latest boardshort test, and when we heard our friend, and world class surfer, Jack Freestone was on-board to front-up our expedition we knew we were in for something special. We’d been watching Jack’s natural transition from elite competitive surfing to a nuanced, alternate style and were thrilled to shoot to Oaxaca, Mexico, to put him to the test in the best alternate trunks on the market. Ours.

Jack’s clinical abilities and aerobatic flair were complimented by the smooth, punchy Huatulco lines. The ardent style of drawing effortless shapes into empty right-handers unveiled a utopian realm of bliss. And we left slaked, having discovered our oasis on the coastal edge of paradise.




What boards were you riding?

I was riding a mixed batch of Album boards that consisted of a 5’6 round nosed quad, 5’7 asymmetrical quad, 5’11 standard thruster short board, and a 6’6 quad mid length.



What are you enjoying about riding more alternative surfboards?

I love the freedom it has given me. I have learned to appreciate the unique feel of different boards and shapes.



Were there any highlights of the trip?

Almost every surf was a highlight for me, I was able to ride all kinds of different boards and try a bunch of different amazing board shorts, surf incredibly fun waves with awesome people.



What does Mexico mean to you?

It means happiness and productivity to me. Every time I get to do a surf trip to Mexico, I know I’m going to be spoiled with awesome waves and good memories.



What were your favourite trunks?  

I had three favourites, I don’t know the names of the shorts hahaha. But I loved the olive green trunk with the dark stripe on the side panels, I loved the black trunk with the mustard stripe side panel and then the all plain black trunk is awesome.



How would you describe the collaboration with Rhythm?

It was a unique experience that I was so grateful to be a part of. I was thrilled to partner with an awesome brand that is so engrained in surfing and create a special film/photo project.