Filmed in: Oaxaca, Mexico
Starring: Jack Freestone & Hudson Ritchie
Directed by: Jacob Byrne
Filmed & Edited by: Ian Grose
Soundtrack by: Jake Harris
Still photography by: Nick Green
Surf Guide: I surf Mex


We’d seen Jack Freestone ride a variety of alternative crafts, and watched with interest as he journeyed from the professional landscape into the free surfing realm. So, when the opportunity arose for Jack to join us on a project, we pounced on the chance to not only create an exciting film but to surf test our latest range of trunks. Jack was keen, we were keen, and there was swell on the way. We booked flights, packed our bags, and called up Hudson. With a boardshort range designed to deliver upon a balance of performance and style, our project wouldn’t be complete without our good friend Hudson Ritchie. We knew his smooth approach to waves would gel with Jack’s nuanced style. We left the following morning to bring to life our latest film—through mutual friends and a common appreciation of riding waves.

When travelling to Mexico we imagined a desert. Dry, open landscapes with cacti and sand stretching from the sea all the way to eastern horizon. However, when arriving in Hulatco we were greeted by a lush landscape full of palm trees and green hills. It turns out the reaches of Huatulco, Oaxaca, is on top of a basin, providing the local area with an abundance of fresh water and tropical scenery. With waves you dream of, it was both literally and metaphorically an oasis for travelling surfers looking to quench their thirst.