The Sagittarius Super Moon wants you to find a sense of wonder.

Sagittarius Super Moon 14.6.2022 9:52 PM AEST 23 Degrees

The grass is greener, the sands are whiter, and the skies are bluer somewhere, anywhere but here. Given the context of the world over the last six months (with a chance of rain), even the past few years (yes, the pandemic), this may be true as foreign shores and unfamiliar territories both physically and intellectually beckon in the distance as our mundane realities feel a little monotonous and confining.

A Full Moon occurs in the sign opposite the current zodiac season and doesn’t just bring high tides. The Sun in Gemini is curious and seeks information logically by conversing with the locals. The Moon in Sagittarius intuitively looks at the bigger picture and wants to experience a break in routine from the usual scene.

Every Full Moon is a culmination point and a time to let go. As this is a Super Moon (closer to Earth), emotions and the hunger to stretch, educate, and attain a new perspective are extra. The glass seems to be half full.  

The Gemini Sagittarius polarity is an axis of learning and exchange. This Full Moon invites us to find that elusive middle ground between exploring a broader perspective, finding new meaning, and balancing it with rationality and information. The conflict between blind faith and logic, what is impractical and realistic, is illuminated under this fire finale Moon.

What outdated and limiting beliefs need to be released? Where can you remain curious instead of believing in the consensus? What is no longer true for you despite what you have believed in the past? What adventure awaits? (Cliches are cliches for a reason).

Depending on your sign (read your Rising first), this Full Moon wants you to be amazed and make it new in different areas of your charts.


Check your Sagittarius Supermoon themes below.


The Sagittarian Super Moon lights a match to your expansion, education, and exploration sector through philosophy, higher learning or jumping on a jet plane.


The lights are turned on for some psychic housecleaning in your intimacy, sex and shared resources sector as you explore denied experiences and heavy baggage (not the carry-on luggage kind).


The Sagittarian arrow lands in your relationship and partnership sector, illuminating where you are out of balance with “others.” Recognising honest, equal partnerships is always a good idea.


With the Super Moon lighting up your personal administration and wellness sector, it’s time to detox unhealthy habits and time/energy drainers. One more is not always a good idea.


Time to play (literally) and with self-expression as your romance and creativity sector rides off into the sunset. Spontaneity not debauchery. Release personal dramas that limit your joy.


Your home sector fires are kindling as you attune your family stories and belief systems you have been told. Let go of what is no longer yours to carry.


Your communication and intellect sector is illuminated under the Sag Super Moon. With a wealth of ideas, balance intuition with logic. Embellishments make a great story but terrible gossip.


Your money maker sector gets some Sagittarian optimism, overextension or some good old honest reflection around your resource base, internally and externally—balance whims with budgets.


Sag, all endings are beginnings as your personal identity sector gets a glow up. With an urge to reinvent, letting go is the first step. Freedom is synonymous with uncertainty, but you know this.


We can find light where there is an absence of it because your behind the scenes (unconscious) and closure sector curtains are drawing open. Be honest about which endings promote healing.


The Super Moon group hugs your friendship and community sector. Hesitation pushes you further away; let go of connections and collaborations that don’t reflect and respect your visions.


Your career and vocation house goes public, well, at least gets illuminated under the Sag Super Moon. New aspirations and callings don’t mean you have failed. They tell you have grown.