Brookfield, a city in south-east Wisconsin, north-east Illinois, south-west Connecticut and here a small, green suburb near the north-east city of Brisbane. The morning light shun brightly through the white cottage windows onto the dials of an old antique vinyl player, the hardwood floors a deep brown and washboard walls glacial white — a small barn like space on the edge of town. The rooms simple interior breathes silence and exhales solitude; a gentle enchantment mirroring the calm green fields that surround. In this setting the latest pieces of our Spring/Fall 2020 collection take on their desired form — easy wearing wardrobe staples inspired by these natural, earthy colours and textures.

In keeping with the richness of the collection features comfortably elegant silhouettes in a deep, merlot colourway — the vacation stripe short sleeve and overwinter long sleeve both complementing to the depth of the hardwood floors. The soft wools and cottons ideal for home, for slow mornings paired with homemade coffee and a slice of bread beneath the sounds of the morning birds and the warm October sun.

Contrastingly the texture of natural twill and cream based corduroy accompanies the earthy colour and feel to the collection alongside the crackling of vinyl playing out the dusty old speakers. The trouser pant carefully designed with a straight leg fit and tailored style, a purposeful piece in a comfortable cotton fabric where you rest quietly on an old Moroccan style rug. Where the clouds roll by and the shade creeps in the details of the sand toned, eight wale corduroy chore coat hold a warmth to the space, moving succinctly to nature’s dance happening all around.

With modernity comes this opportunity to take a breath, to meditate on the evolution of the world around us and the continuation of a habitual lifestyle we long to live. A connection with Mother Nature and times laced with simplicity become desirable more so than before and the calls for creativity hold in them the sounds of solitude. It is the romanticism of creating music, the beauty of art making, the power of storytelling, these notions of creativity that, once felt, lead you on a path to experience them once again.

Location: Brookfield, Queensland
Photography: Jake McCann / Jacob Byrne
Model: Josh Kempen
Words: Jake McCann