Rhythm, a contemporary surf brand based in Burleigh Heads, Australia, surfaced in 2003. With a vision of evolving the modern wardrobe, Rhythm designs garments specifically curated for individuals who embrace and embody the coastal lifestyle.

Rhythm consistently pioneers the evolution of coastal fashion and fosters creative storytelling for a community of surfers, creatives, and free thinkers along the coast. With a global presence in over 1000 retail stores, we kindle a journey of exploration for customers, guiding them to discover the latest cultural trends and their wardrobe needs. As they tune into our channels, they effortlessly immerse themselves in inspirational style and authentic storytelling.

We aspire to shape a new wave of coastal fashion, with our design philosophy tied to the sea, expressed through local culture, and underscored by conscious practices. Rhythm relies on our expanding community of individuals to continue evolving and exploring off the well-worn path.

This is Rhythm. The sound of change.