The Weekend Edit

Our latest collection of weekend-inspired styles captures our vintage influence in thoughtful, earthy tones. Warm butter colourways and comfortable, textured fabrications—our weekend-ready capsule is designed to be worn every day, throughout the seasons and years to come.

Butter Hues

Lighten up your wardrobe with soft yellow tones; this season, our designers have showcased how the trending butter colours can bring a fresh approach to the coastal outfit. The washed-out hues and subtle textures used in the collection lend themselves to be styled with a vast natural palette.

Coastal Style

As an Australian-born surf brand, our goal is to design apparel to reflect our lifestyle. Our design philosophy is centred around a classic coastal wardrobe. Over the years, we have become synonymous with earthy hues, natural fabrications, and signature hand drawn prints. We speak to a like-minded community who enjoy the daily routine of spending time by the sea.

The Effortless Wardrobe

Weekends are about slowing down, relaxing and doing things in your own time. A no-fuse wardrobe helps set the mood of lazing around the home and listing to your favourite vinyl. And if the moment comes to step outside and up the pace, your outfit is ready to go.

Jazz up your shirting

An easy way to freshen up your style is to introduce a new statement piece. Our show-stopping shirting will have you feeling like the life of the party.