Photo Essay: El Salvador

Photographs by Roly Gomez and Cory Gehr
Recounted by Hudson Ritchie
Words by Ash Durden

Although there was an absence of week-long ripping swell, it’s hard to feel anything but envy of Hudson and the boys in El Salvador, to be immersed in an undiscovered destination and well out of the contingencies of the everyday. A trip filled with exploration, beach-break beers, and guitar riffs in almost every destination to fill time. The boys were up every morning hopeful of fun swell, often filled with stoke at the waves rolling through and also happily forced to explore the unknown of El Salvador and its culture. With a couple of friends and no plan but to surf, the trip was anything but mundane.

Being on the road to a new destination is one most can relate to. Thinking back to times where everything is brand-new and fascinating at every glance. Travelling south to discover a new culture and be completely out of your element is something even more special. Hudson and the boys were thrown into the deep and forced to gain a new perspective entirely, being totally free to immerse themselves and surf all that the El Salvadorian coastline had to offer. Truly off the well-worn path.